Your Brand Story: Why it Matters

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E-commerce is a crowded space, with many premium and luxury sectors completely saturated. To get noticed by customers, your brand needs to stand out from the crowd and cut through the noise. Telling your brand story is one of the most important ways to show that your brand has something unique to offer.

A Storytelling Culture

Humans have been telling stories for millennia. The stories we share bring us together and give us a sense of identity and belonging. But what does this have to do with marketing?

As consumers we have all become increasingly savvy. We dislike being “sold to” and nothing will put us off faster than a pushy hard sell. But a story that resonates with our values will draw us closer to a business. We respond by building a relationship with brands whose stories match our values.

It has long been said that people buy from people. Telling your brand story through marketing shows that your brand isn’t faceless; some of our most loved and trusted British luxury brands have a strong founder presence and voice behind them. Think of Boden, The White Company, or Sweaty Betty: we have a clear sense of their identity, a feeling that we know the person behind the brand. It’s because they share their brand story.

Get your Audience to Resonate with your Brand

At Coleman Hammond we find learning about a brand’s origins completely fascinating: the founder’s passion, purpose and drive is exciting and inspiring. Just as we love discovering the story, your customers will love to hear it.

Once you start delving into you brand history (even if it is still fairly recent) you’ll find that your customers love it. So share your story wherever you can across your website, your catalogue, and social media.

Where to Tell Your Brand Story

About Us

If you haven’t yet begun to tell your brand story, a good place to start is the About Us page on your website. With clever writing you can bring your journey to life. People love to read tales of grit and determination in the face of challenges; it shows the strength and passion of the people behind the brand. Don’t forget to share your failures too, it keeps your business grounded and relatable.

Across your Website

Feature snippets of your brand story throughout your website – on your blog, your business timeline, in your product descriptions – for that sense of continuity. Let your audience connect with the people in your team by sharing photos of your employees, and show humility by sharing snaps of your first office.


Share snippets of your brand story with your mailing list. Contrast the way you do things now with the way things were when you started: was your first ever “photoshoot” just the founder standing on a stool with a 10-year-old camera and a desk light? Customers will love to see how far you’ve come.

Social Media

Social media is an ideal location for sharing your brand story and the journey you’ve taken. With visual platforms such as Instagram, try showing how you are becoming a more sustainable brand [LINK], and use the hashtag #throwbackthursday for added visibility.

Widen your Audience

Don’t forget that telling your brand story is great material for talks, podcasts, and PR pieces too. Hearing the story direct from the founder helps to raise the profile of your business.

Stand Out or Lose Out

Even if your start-up story seems very ordinary, share the things that have happened along the way.

Telling your brand story is a powerful tool to build customer loyalty and share your values with your audience. Without building a relationship with your customers, your brand can easily be forgotten or replaced by another brand.

Think of the candle market: it’s the detail that makes a brand stand out – when your audience knows that you hand-pick every single sprig of lavender, they understand the dedication, attention to detail and quality of your product. They value it more, and they return to your brand time and again.

If you need help maximising opportunities for your brand story, Coleman Hammond can look at all marketing opportunities available for your brand with our Marketing Strategy Service. Call us to tell us your story, we’d love to hear it.

Kerry x

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