Three Types of Instagram Content That Premium Luxury Brands Need for Followers and Engagement

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Instagram is a fantastic place for premium and luxury brands to market their products, but how do you get the followers and engagement you need? Being strategic about your aims will help you develop Instagram content that drives results for your business. This month, we’re taking a look at the three types of Instagram content that will drive success for your business.

Planning Instagram Content – Important steps on the road to success:

There are many reasons to drive engagement on Instagram. You might be looking for new followers to increase in brand awareness. Or you might want to turn followers into enquirers and buyers. You might need your audience to become hot leads, with increased newsletter sign-ups or catalogue orders.

Before you begin to plan content, make sure you have a specific goal, and ensure you know who your target audience is. Who do you want to reach? Is your content relevant? Think about your target customers’ interests, values and pain points; people are more likely to engage if they can relate. If you need guidance on target customers, my post on developing a customer persona will give you valuable insights.

If your brand is already on Instagram, take a look at the successes you have already seen. Is there an image or video that received more engagement? If so, does the image show your product or the face behind the brand? Is it a quote? Look at Instagram insights to track and analyse your results. And whenever you post, be sure to use the language of luxury so that you’re appealing to the right audience.

Whatever your business aims, it is important to move followers through your sales funnel – you don’t want to recruit people, only to do nothing with them.

1.   Giveaway – Ideal Instagram content for engagement

Giveaways are a great way to make your followers feel special. They extend your reach and increase engagement with your Instagram posts as people like, follow, and tag for the chance to win a prize.

Build a sense of anticipation and momentum by promoting your giveaway in advance, bringing your newsletter recipients and Facebook followers to engage with you on Instagram. Don’t forget to continue promoting your giveaway after launch too, to get as much traction as possible. You can even consider allocating a small budget for advertising to specific target groups.

There are several different options for giveaways, depending on your goals:

Collaborative Giveaways are a fantastic way to grow your audience of target customers. Team up with a non-competing premium luxury brand that has similar values, and each promote the giveaway on social media. Don’t forget, entrants must like both brands to be eligible for the draw.

Targeting one another’s audience increases engagement on Instagram because it introduces your brand to new followers who fit your customer avatar.

Influencer Giveaways generate content and increase Instagram engagement. Do your research to choose an influencer whose audience fits with your own, focusing carefully on who you work with to get worthwhile results, especially as influencers sometimes charge.

User-Generated Content is where your audience posts photos or videos of themselves using your product for a chance to win. People love to get involved and share their experiences, creating a buzz around your brand. This activity also gives important social proof, which carries weight in your followers’ eyes, and drives aspiration to purchase.

2.   Ask a Question

People love to give their opinion, so prompt them with a question to increase engagement. Your question can be really simple, in depth, or give you an insight that will help your business.

For example, try a quick engagement builder: ask your audience whether they’d choose an ice cream or a lolly on a hot day, or whether they prefer fruity or floral scented candles for a relaxing weekend. You can even make it even easier for people to respond by giving them A, B, or C options.

To get in depth with your audience, ask a question that addresses pain points or talks to their passions. For example, a running shoe brand might ask “what makes running so addictive?” It resonates with their audience, who want to respond with their own personal experiences.

Get insight by asking your audience which logo they like best when you rebrand – not only does this drive engagement, but it gives you valuable information too. Ask your audience which image they prefer for your catalogue cover to give them a sense of ownership when it drops through the letter box.

3.   Add your Personality

Customers love to see the face behind the brand. Showing the ‘real you’ increases engagement, so don’t be afraid to get in front of the camera. Your audience can get to know you (and like you) far more quickly if they can see your face, so post plenty of pictures.

And remember, whilst professional photography looks good on your grid, Instastories is a great place to share informal snaps to reveal more about your premium luxury brand.

Using video to talk to the camera is a fabulous tool for fashion brands to create engaging content on Instagram. Users love to see the owner showcasing a new collection, trying on new lines and talking about them with passion and expertise. And don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be polished.

And finally…

If all else fails, post a picture of a dog! Studies have shown that a picture of our canine pals can boost engagement by up to 80%, so it’s worth featuring a furry friend on your feed once in a while.

People scroll so quickly, what will make them stop on your post? If you need ideas for your Instagram feed, sign up for Coleman Hammond’s exclusive premium content calendar, The LUXE edit, for Instagram inspiration every day for a month.

Kerry x

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