Power Hour

Not every marketing problem requires a full consultation or comprehensive strategy to fix it — sometimes all that’s needed is brief but specialist input.

Our Power Hour provides just that, giving you an hour of focused discussion with an experienced industry expert.

Power Hours

Who is it for?

The Power Hour helps businesses that need succinct and focused help in solving a digital marketing problem. For example, you might need some inspiration for your next social media campaign, or advice on why your current efforts aren’t gaining traction. You might have a specific question about investing your digital marketing budget, or about which platforms work well for businesses like yours.

What do you get?

  • One hour of discussion, via Zoom, with digital marketing expert Kerry Coleman.
  • Analysis, advice, information, and inspiration, all backed by 20 years of marketing knowhow.
  • Specialist help that can solve some problems at a stroke — or point you in the right direction for others.
  • A flexible alternative to our more comprehensive packages and services.

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