New Year, Fresh Ideas

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Kick-off a successful year, whatever 2021 might bring.

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that 2020 has been a year like no other. We’ve had to pivot our businesses, take tough decisions on the spur of the moment, and deal with the unexpected at every turn.

Having experienced a major shakeup across so many aspects of our lives and work, how can the premium-luxury sector prepare for 2021? Discretionary or considered purchases may not be a top priority for customers who have had their pockets squeezed by the Covid-crises of 2020, so it is important that every marketing effort reaches the right target, and bears fruit.

At Coleman Hammond, we’re helping you to lay the groundwork to achieve a successful year in 2021.

Tackle January

Firstly, give yourself a well-deserved break! If you’re an e-comm brand, you won’t have much opportunity to stop in the run up to Christmas, so ensure you have your marketing scheduled for the Boxing Day Sales and take a few days off.

January sales are an ideal time to clear previous season stock – and far more premium than Black Friday. Keep your campaign simple and eye-catching with posts and emails for ‘Sale Now On’, ‘Further Lines Added’ and ‘Further Reductions’. It is important for luxury brands to keep the sale period short, ready to launch into new product lines in the New Year.

Plan for 2021

With everything ready for the sale period, January is about planning for the year ahead. Use this period to re-evaluate strategy, review new products and add them into your plans.

As you add fresh lines, check whether you need to tweak your communications to reflect a new audience; will your new products attract the same target customer as your existing collection? Ensure your Customer Personas accurately reflects your target customer, so that your marketing is well-directed and your business can meet its goals.

If you need to identify a shift in your audience or adjustments in their values, take a look at our recent blog post to allow your audience engagement to grow and conversion rates to rise.

Refresh Your Look

The New Year is the perfect occasion to launch a new look for your website. Update your copy and photography to keep your brand up to date and attractive.

Take the opportunity to create a refreshed email template to accompany your revitalised website. At the same time, ensure your e-newsletters are personalised with first names, and test the effectiveness of creative subject lines and CTAs across different segments of your audience.

If 2021 is the year you intend to start a blog, spend some time brainstorming topics that will engage your target audience. Schedule a day or two to write several, so that you’re ahead for the year to come.

Keep Google Updated

Ensure your Google listing is up to date. With so many changes to opening hours throughout 2020, customers need to know accurate information to help them shop. This is particularly important if your business has a strong local customer base for face to face sales or relies on customer service opening hours. Check your address and contact details too, so that customers can find you easily.

If your website doesn’t currently have a review section, add 3rd party reviews, or encourage customers to use Google reviews. 3rd party recommendations and testimonials are powerful marketing tools in your selling armoury, so use them wherever possible.

Review and Re-evaluate your Marketing Activities

2020 has been a strange year, but we can still learn from it. Re-evaluate all your marketing activities and examine which posts attracted the most engagement, which emails had the best traffic or conversion. Identifying the successes will allow you to repeat them and build on their achievements.

Park the less successful ideas for the meantime, but don’t discard them entirely, things change (as we know too well!) and their moment may come again.

Empower your team to get the very best consumer engagement for 2021. January is a useful time to review the marketing skills in your business. Recognise any training needs and hone your brand’s social media and communication skills with training courses.

Step up your marketing

If you’ve found marketing in 2020 frustrating, recruit a specialist who can dedicate their skills to plan activities and campaigns that deliver on your goals.

If you’ve had a successful year, now is the perfect time to take on a marketing agency who will bring an injection of fresh ideas, inspiration and expertise. A specialist agency will improve your strategy and move your digital communications to the next level.

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Kerry x

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