Marketing and Social Media Strategy: The Tool Every Business Needs

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Outsourcing any business function can feel like an intimidating step. With so many options available, it is important to choose the right Marketing Strategy Service for your business.

If you feel confused about what to look for in a Digital Marketing Agency, I’m about to reveal all. This month, I demystify Marketing and Social Media Strategy by explaining the benefits to your business. I even share an insight into the way we give our clients the digital marketing boost they need.

What is a Marketing and Social Media Strategy?

When a company needs a marketing refresh and reboot, a Strategy Package, sometimes known as a Campaign Strategy or Marketing Strategy, is the ideal starting point.

For any business that feels that their digital marketing is stuck, has lost its way, or needs a new direction, a Marketing and Social Media Strategy is a plan to direct marketing activity with a focused, targeted approach.

Who can Benefit from a New Approach to Digital Content?

An effective Marketing and Social Media Strategy will benefit any business, from start-ups about to begin digital marketing, to well-established brands ready to take their business to the next level. Implementing a strategic, cost-effective marketing plan will enable business growth.

It can be all too easy to waste time, money and effort on marketing activities that do not deliver. A targeted strategy is an invaluable tool that achieves the results your business needs.

How is a Marketing and Social Media Strategy Developed?

Gathering detailed knowledge about a business is crucial. At Coleman Hammond, we ensure we know everything about our clients to produce a bespoke strategy that meets their needs.

Firstly, it is important to identify objectives, whether this be increased exposure, sales growth, or an improved brand message. Each client receives an in-depth questionnaire that tells us about their business, the industry, and their position within it.

Following this, SWOT analysis captures the areas of risks and potential that are essential to understanding the whole business.

Next, we examine their customer types, studying the demographics and the psychographics (how the customer thinks and feels) to identify whether the brand values are fully aligned with those of the consumer. Delving deeper, we look at the personal qualities of the customer; how do they feel when they buy from the client? What are their pain points? Who else do they buy from? What qualities and values do they look for in a brand?

Further, we assess the brand, creating or updating the vision and mission statements, identifying USPs and aspirational targets, and studying past marketing activities.

Lastly, we look at the customer journey, identify logistical targets, and discover bloggers and influencers for collaborations.

What Happens Next?

Armed with this goldmine of information, the Marketing and Social Media Strategy document is created. This detailed work includes a business summary, competitor analysis, and customer pain points. We research a brand’s three ‘customer personas’ to deliver a targeted, relevant Digital Content Strategy.

We set the marketing objectives, developing inspirational ideas, identifying key social media platforms, and creating the content strategy and plan.

What Does a Client Get?

The Marketing and Social Media Strategy Document is a tactical content marketing plan full of topics for social media, blogs, email marketing and any other digital marketing that requires content. It can include relevant topics for that client, frequency of posting and publishing, nurture sequences and lead magnets to increase the email database.

We set influencer campaigns, blog strategies and social media strategies that are focused on the target customers and the business objectives, with a roadmap to improve feed posts and stories. We even show how ads can support organic growth.

Simply put, the Marketing and Social Media Strategy is an injection of clarity and energy to digital marketing that will revitalise brand image.

Our clients receive:

  • A programme of inspiring ideas and actions to take their brand forward
  • Metrics to track performance
  • Details of suitable Instagram influencers and bloggers
  • A list of topics for posts including trends, gifting, and life events so that no important moments will be missed.

The Results?

A Marketing and Social Media Strategy is a clear pathway to digital marketing success that takes away the guesswork. It is an investment that pays off in time and money, no matter where in the lifecycle a business is.

Of course, not all Digital Marketing Agencies provide the same level of service, so when you need to reinvigorate your digital marketing, ensure you know exactly what will be delivered to get the results your business deserves.

Whether you’re a start-up keen to hit the ground running, an established business that hasn’t yet dipped a toe into digital marketing, or you’re ready for new ideas, don’t waste time trying to manage without a strategy. Book in a free enquiry call to find out how I can help you.

Kerry x

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