Christmas 2020 and beyond: What you need to be doing RIGHT NOW

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Much as we might not like to admit it, Christmas is just a few short weeks away. The hyper-competitive festive season is a critical time for brands in the premium-luxury sector, so plan your social media activity now to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Get Ready

Most customers begin their Christmas gift shopping from mid-October, so get your brand front of mind as soon as possible with exciting, relevant digital activity. Attractive, engaging posts will increase sales, so plan your marketing early. Once the busy period arrives, your team will be able to focus efforts on order fulfilment and customer service.

This year, the ongoing uncertainty of the Covid-19 situation makes it more important than ever for brands to be at the top of their game. Although the usual round of Christmas events and parties may be different this year, Christmas shopping will still be big. It is likely that your in-store presence will generate significantly fewer sales than last Christmas, so social media and online marketing will be even more important than in previous years.

Why Plan Now?

A clear direction is essential as you navigate your brand through the key dates of the next quarter. November sees Small Business Saturday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday as major shopping events for both Christmas gifters and bargain hunters, so careful planning will be necessary to make the most of these events without missing out on any opportunities.

For luxury brands, it is important to find the balance between attracting customers with discounts or offers, and maintaining a desirable, premium image. Failure to participate in events such as Black Friday could give your competitors an edge, but too deep a discount will devalue your brand in the long term. Careful planning will enable you to position your brand in a way that appeals to your target audience, whilst maintaining value.

Generate a Buzz with Digital Activity

The run up to Christmas is a marathon, not a sprint, so ensure you have content planned for every day up to (and beyond) the big day.

At Coleman Hammond, we are experts at generating engaging, enticing, relevant content. If you need inspiration for content your audience will love, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Create a buzz around your brand with a “12 Days of Christmas” promotion. Each day features a different offer, giving a sense of urgency to your posts
  • Generate excitement with prelaunch activity. Send an email two weeks prior to a product launch to give your followers time to share with friends (and drop a few hints!) You can even prelaunch offers and promotions.
  • Keep your audience returning to your social media by running offers that are only available through Instagram Stories. With only 24 hours to make the most of a promotion, you’ll create a sense of urgency for your customers that will convert to sales.
  • Don’t forget that order fulfilment and posting dates are important information for customers, and act as a strong call to action, reminding your audience to place orders before it’s too late.

And After Christmas?

If your business is taking a couple of days off social media, create a post to let your audience know – and to wish them a restful few days too – but if Boxing Day sales are a part of your strategy, scheduled content will only take you so far: your social media team will need to be responsive to customer enquiries.

New Year’s resolutions and January sales make excellent planned content for a flying start in 2021, so ensure your post-Christmas strategy is ready to go

Expect the Unexpected

In a year of unprecedented market shifts, responding to changes is more important than ever. At Coleman Hammond we advise our clients to review their strategy every 3 months, tweaking plans to adapt to the changing circumstances. This is even more important in Autumn/Winter 2020. Review your plans regularly, and allow space for ad hoc opportunities. Give yourself time to monitor successes and to revise your activity. We may not know what is ahead this year, but we can be on our toes, ready to respond and pivot.

Stay Ahead of the Game

For a successful Christmas 2020, get everything in place in advance. Your team should be on board, and your creative ready to roll out. Consider a Facebook Ad strategy, particularly if you’re a gift brand. A specialist to manage the process of Facebook Ads is a great way to outsource, freeing you up to focus on your core offering.

Without a clear direction and a strong plan in place, your brand is in danger of missing out on opportunities during the critical Christmas build up. You risk an uncoordinated, inconsistent approach that will not appeal to your target audience, and ultimately loses you sales and compromises brand loyalty.

If you feel overwhelmed as Christmas looms, or don’t have the time and resources to dedicate to social media, call us at Coleman Hammond to find out about Full Service Management. Our expert team can take the time and stress away from social media, allowing you to focus your attention in the areas that your business needs.

Kerry x

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