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MadelEine and Co

Who is the client?

Madeleine & Co

Founder and baker Marie Jacob, hand makes delicious, traditional French madeleines, from her home in London.

What was the brief?

As a start-up brand, Marie quickly learned that she needed help if she was going to make her new business succeed.

To create a marketing strategy to give her new business focus.

An increase in sales.

What did we do?

We worked with Marie to create an overall marketing strategy, first looking at her ideal target customers and where to find them.

We developed the brand to appeal to a more discerning customer.

We worked on product development and pricing structure to ensure the business was profitable.

We reviewed the website and identified usability, branding and functionality changes that would improve the overall shopping experience.

Madeleine & Co had two major campaigns this year – Halloween and Christmas – so we created an online marketing plan to raise brand awareness of her products as well as improve sales.  This involved creating blogs, email marketing, social media posts as well as ways to reach out to key influencers.

What did we learn?

Getting the branding right was key for Marie to position her brand within the luxury, artisan food market.

High quality, professional photography was important to reflect the price of the madeleines.

The limitations of the website needed to be addressed before we could proceed with any marketing.

What were the results?

Marie sold out of her Halloween product before the end of the campaign.

397% increase in web visitors once the new website changes had been implemented

An increase in sales of 500%.

Addison Ross

Addison Ross

Who is the client?

Addison Ross

Founders David and Sarah Ross have run their elegant home design business since 1978. They began with photo frames but have since expanded into ranges of beautiful clocks, boxes, trays, notebooks and home fragrance. They live in the Cheviot Hills of Northumberland with their son Harry who also work for Addison Ross and daughter, Izzy.

What was the brief?

As the company was growing quickly from a wholesale business into retail Sarah needed a marketing strategy developed to represent the brand.

To implement a social media strategy to grow business brand recognition, ensure and offer creative and engaging content.

An increase in Instagram followers from 5k to 10k.

What did we do?

Part 1: Implementing the marketing strategy

We started with a marketing strategy, developing 3 customer avatars to gain a full understanding of their target audience.

We identified ideas for blogs, email marketing and key social media channels to reach the customer.

Content ideas were also researched which enabled us to pinpoint Instagram as the main social media channel to engage the brand with its customers.

Part 2: Working on Instagram

We agreed to 1 post a day, and 3-4 stories a week

The posts were to be a mixture of sales, inspirational interiors and designs, and knowledge based posts.

We engaged with interior design influencers and used monthly giveaways to increase brand recognition and drive follower numbers.

We created a user generated campaigns including #framemypet

and 12 Days of Christmas. The seasonal campaign looked to target sales and drive customers to the website.

What did we learn?

Part 1: Marketing

We clearly identified the three target customers which allowed us to develop a marketing strategy that focused on their requirements.

We developed an understanding of the brand’s main pain points, how to address them and what marketing needed to be tailored towards resolving the issues.


Part 2:  Instagram

We identified the most effective types of content for audience responses, and pinpointed successful timings for posts.

For overall growth strategy we discovered that giveaways worked well for the overall growth strategy. User generated content however tapped into a different type of audience.

What were the results?

We began working with Sarah in May 2020.

We doubled Instagram followed to 10k, enabling us to utilise the swipe up shopping function.

We also achieved the following:

77% increase in followers

120% increase in impressions

125% increase in reach

112% increase in likes

177% increase in engagement

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