7 Ways Your Business Can’t Survive Without a Marketing Expert


These are troubled times for businesses. The markets are uncertain, consumer confidence has been hit, and we’re facing the possibility of the deepest recession since the 1930s. When your business is struggling to survive it can be tempting to sit tight, hoping to weather the storm and re-emerge in sunnier times. But with Covid-19, we […]

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Marketing through a Crisis: What to Say in Difficult Times

In a global crisis, keep marketing. This is one of the most important ways to help your business through the Covid-19 pandemic. The business world is currently an uncertain place. Some brands are booming, whilst others are struggling. Shop closures have reduced bricks-and-mortar sales, whilst online outlets can’t keep up with order volumes. Companies still […]

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How to Create a Marketing Strategy: Seven Simple Steps

A Marketing Strategy is crucial to business success. Without one, your marketing activity will lack direction, and you may waste valuable time and money by pursuing the wrong marketing choices. What is a Marketing Strategy? A Marketing Strategy is a working document that influences all your marketing decisions. It is the foundation to all marketing […]

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How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

  If you’re in business, you need to be on social media. It’s a widely accepted fact. But it can bring as many questions as answers. The first question a client asks me when they are about to take the plunge into social media is always, “which is the best social media platform for my […]

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Getting to grips with building an effective sales funnel for your business

If you are growing a business or creating a brand, chances are by now you have some sort of process in place to do each of the following things; Introduce yourself to your audience. Generate interest and create a buzz around your brand or business. Educate and inform people of the many features and benefits […]

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5 reasons why you should be using social media

Hello and welcome to this month’s blog which is all about why I believe businesses should be taking advantage of using social media to find new customers, engage with them, grow their business and sell their services or products. When I first sat down to write this blog, I started by making a list of […]

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