7 Ways Your Business Can’t Survive Without a Marketing Expert

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These are troubled times for businesses. The markets are uncertain, consumer confidence has been hit, and we’re facing the possibility of the deepest recession since the 1930s.

When your business is struggling to survive it can be tempting to sit tight, hoping to weather the storm and re-emerge in sunnier times. But with Covid-19, we don’t know when the storm will pass. A vaccine may or may not be developed, a further lockdown could be enforced, and in the midst of this, a no-deal Brexit may weaken the economy further.

During this uncertainty, how long can your business sit tight?

And will you be in a strong position when, or if, life gets back to normal?

Without a Marketing Expert on board your business could face damaging consequences.  Here’s how.

Loss of Brand Visibility:

  •  Without keeping your brand visible, consumers are unlikely to remember you, especially if your competitors are marketing. Whilst some consumers may not be ready to purchase NOW, if your brand is not front of mind when they are ready to buy, you could miss out on a sale.

TIP: Maintaining brand visibility is essential to both short-term sales and long-term business success.

Lack of Expert Advice:

  •  Without a Marketing Expert to guide your activities, your brand may simply be “muddling through” marketing. In normal circumstances this is at best unproductive, but in times of recession this could easily have catastrophic consequences for your business. Marketing in a difficult environment is second nature to an expert. They have the experience to guide your marketing activities through challenging or rapidly changing circumstances.

TIP: Whether your brand must pivot, or evolve new messaging, a Marketing Expert will respond to the market successfully.

Adopting the Wrong Strategy:

  •  Without expert guidance, it is all too easy to waste time and money on the wrong strategy and the wrong communications. Most businesses set their marketing strategy at the beginning of the year, but a seismic shift has taken place since January and businesses need to navigate difficult waters.

TIP: A marketing expert will challenge the strategy and adapt it, reviewing the evolving situation to ensure your business thrives.

Budget Difficulties:

  •  If your marketing has lost its way, costing time and money without a return, it is likely that your business will experience budget difficulties. It can be intimidating to spend more of your precious budget on outsourcing but engaging a marketing expert will bring enormous savings. Every activity will be laser-focused to deliver the results your business needs, keeping your messaging relevant and your brand front-of-mind.

TIP: Outsourcing your marketing is not an additional cost; you can’t afford NOT to have the benefits of a marketing expert.

Lack of Specialist Contacts:

  •  Trying to go it alone with your marketing activity means sourcing and managing your own experts in PPC (Pay Per Click) or Facebook Ads, or taking on this specialist work yourself – a daunting prospect in already difficult times.

TIPS: A marketing expert will have a list of trusted suppliers and contacts, enabling your brand to get the best service available.

Losing Time:

  •  The operational effects of dealing with coronavirus are wide-reaching for every business. There may be a higher possibility of staff absence through sickness, self-isolation or local lockdown, and an increased need for cleaning and sanitising. With the implications of social distancing, the time pressures on a business can be immense.

TIP: A Marketing Expert can free up your valuable time, allowing you to maintain focus on your area of expertise:

Lack of Expert Analysis:

  •  Marketing Experts are adept in analysing the results of any activity to optimise their next campaign. Without a Marketing Expert on board, your business will also need to perform this function. Not only are you gambling with your success, you may not have the expertise to understand the failures.

TIP: Digital Marketing experts are completely accountable through analysis of engagement, click-through rates and other metrics. They have a proven track record.

A Marketing Expert is the most valuable asset that a business can have during difficult times. If your brand is yet to realise the potential of social media, a Marketing Expert will allow you to dive in fearlessly rather than cautiously dipping a toe in.

The beauty of Digital Marketing is that everything can be tracked. Reach, engagement and conversions can be mapped out and constantly monitored. An expert can offer a vast amount of knowledge and experience to evolve and adapt strategy with the ever-changing circumstances.

Allow your business not just to survive, but to thrive.

Don’t batten down the hatches, book an enquiry call to discover how Digital Marketing consultancy will help you ride the wave to success.

Kerry x

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